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Bringing science to the youngest generations!

European Researchers Night 2023

IMDEA Energy Institute (Madrid)

We brought science (and batteries) to the youngest generations at the European Researchers Night celebrated at IMDEA Energy Institute. We built some home-made batteries using lemons and other fruits to power different electrical devices. We discovered so talented children!

October 2023


243th ECS conference

Boston 28th May - 2nd June

Once again we attendend ECS conference in Boston! Happy to meet with colleagues and so talented electrochemical scientists.

This year I presented my work on "Engineering Lung-inspired Flow Field Geometries for Redox Flow Batteries with Stereolithography 3D printing" as an oral talk.

June 2023


Hydrogen evolution in RFBs

Back to the lab with our collaborator Akash Raman from Twente University (The Netherlands)

Hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) in the negative electrolyte of aqueous RFBs is a performance-limiting factor during operation that leads to efficiency losses and capacity decay. In this collaboration, Akash and I are working on new HER mitigation strategies!

November 2022


242th ECS conference

Vancouver 29th May - 3rd June

Fascinating ECS conference in Vancouver. Happy to meet so talented electrochemical scientists and great people.

It was nice to present my work on the "Interaction between flow field geometries and porous electrodes microstructures in redox flow batteries" as an oral talk.

June 2022

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Poster presentation ECS 241st

Investigating the role of temperature on the performance of all-vanadium redox flow batteries through a unit-cell model

Based on our previously validated isothermal model, we develop a non-isothermal extension to evaluate the impact of operating temperature on the battery performance as well as on all the different multiphysics. Experimental validation is performed at multiple temperatures in collaboration with IMDEA Energy institute.

June 2022

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Membrane Materials and Processes group

Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry (Eindhoven University of Technology)

I am currently visiting the Membrane Materials and Processes group for a six-month research stay in Eindhoven University of Technology (the Netherlands). I am investigating the interaction between different porous electrodes microstructures and flow field geometries in redox flow batteries in the fascinating group of Antoni Forner-Cuenca.

May 2021

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