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Vanesa Muñoz-Perales

PhD candidate

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I am a fourth-year PhD student at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, working on redox flow batteries in Prof. Marcos Vera's research group. My research focuses on advancing electrochemical reactors for redox flow batteries through experimental diagnostics and mathematical modeling.

Research interests


Continuum modeling

Continuum models are crucial to predict and optimize the macroscopic behavior of electrochemical devices. Operating variables, geometry and materials can be evaluated to improve the performace and mitigate undersirable effects.


Flow cell architecture

The performance of electrochemical stacks in terms of electric and pumping power can be improved by optimizing the flow cell architecture. I work on new flow field designs and electrode configurations using SLA 3D printing and experimental diagnostics.


Porous electrodes

Porous materials are used in a wide range of electrochemical applications. However, the role of electrode microstructure and spatial configuration in the cell still remains poorly understood. I study the interplay between diverse microstructures and flow cell designs.

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